We work with the German brand CUBE (5 podiums at the World Enduro Series 2016), sponsor of riders such as Nicolas LAU and road biker ROY. All their bicycles are available for sale on demand and various fatbikes, electric bikes and enduro bikes are available for rental.

We offer CUBE bikes at the best price for all tastes, levels and abilities – Sunday family tours, expert racing, road tours and downhill. CUBE is sure to have a bike to suit you – a mountain bike, road bike, city bike and of course electric bikes (powered by Bosch).

Since safety and comfort are the keys to an enjoyable experience, we stock O’Neal biking products. O’Neal is a pioneer in technical cycling and motor-biking clothing, sponsoring riders such as world-renowned Greg MINAAR and Jackud VENCL, who came 2nd in Whistler Cranckworx 2016.